Something on Wheels

People in Ghana live in poor housing conditions.
We learn together how to separate recyclable materials.
They bring the materials and collect points to produce building parts.
The truck brings low tech tools to produce building parts with the help of the community.


UNLEASH is a global innovation lab that brings together people from all over the world to transform insights into hundreds of ideas for the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.
Something on Wheels is an educational solution for Accra to support young people to build their own houses using the large amount of available recycling materials. A mobile unity brings the technology for recycling, the tools, and experts to assist a community to produce construction materials and building parts. The aim of the project is to create conscious about the environment, the importance of recycling and provide knowledge for construction.
Location: Accra – Ghana
Status: In development
Type: UNLEASH 2018
Year: 2018
Area: –
Team: Maycon Sedrez (Brazil), Yuiko Inoue (Japan), Raluca Fernea (Romenia) and Kwame Appiah-Kubi (Ghana)